Understanding IUI: Is It Right for You?

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm directly into the uterus to increase the chances of fertilization. This procedure is less invasive and less expensive than IVF, making it a popular option for many patients.

Who Can Benefit from IUI?

IUI is often recommended for couples with unexplained infertility, mild male infertility, or cervical mucus issues. At New Hope IVF Hospital, we carefully evaluate each patient’s situation to determine if IUI is the right option.

The IUI Process at New Hope IVF Hospital

The IUI process at our hospital involves several steps. Initially, patients may undergo ovulation induction to stimulate the production of eggs. Once the eggs are ready, a sperm sample is prepared and placed directly into the uterus using a thin catheter. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, with minimal recovery time.

Success Stories

Success stories from IUI treatments at New Hope IVF Hospital highlight the effectiveness of this procedure. Many couples have successfully conceived through IUI, achieving their dream of parenthood. These stories provide hope and inspiration to others considering this treatment option.

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