What Is Ovarian Cyst Aspiration?

Cyst Aspiration is a minimally invasive procedure that involves draining fluid-filled sacs from ovarian cysts. It is not unusual for IVF to be canceled due to a cyst. IVF egg retrieval with an ovarian cyst may generate poor eggs.

Cyst on the ovary before IVF can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Sometimes, when the cyst is tiny, your specialist may decide to continue with the IVF procedure without aspiration.

Who Should Undergo Cyst Aspiration?

Ovarian cyst symptoms are not always apparent but, when you experience irregularities in your menstrual period, pain in your abdomen, heavy bleeding, and pain during intercourse, you should consider getting your ovaries checked for cysts. The cysts may disappear over time but, when a cyst ruptures, it can cause excruciating pain.

What To Expect:

Recovery from aspiration of ovarian cyst is significantly shorter than the time it takes to heal from surgery. Cyst aspiration poses a better choice for women who are trying to get pregnant since IVF can be resumed in as short as one cycle following the procedure.

Below are just some of the things that you can expect before, during, and after a cyst aspiration:

  1. Ovarian cyst aspiration involves either the use of a laparoscope or ultrasound to probe the nature of ovarian cysts and drain cyst fluid.
  2. A thin needle will be inserted to drain the fluid from the cyst. The procedure will take about 20 minutes to complete. A sample may be taken to the lab for biopsy.
  3. Cyst aspiration side effects are rare and may include infection, excessive bleeding, and cramping. Draining ovarian cyst recovery time normally lasts for a week.
  4. When ovarian cyst aspiration before IVF becomes necessary, the IVF procedure is normally halted for one cycle before proceeding.

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