What Is Low Ovarian Reserve?

Low Ovarian Reserve is a condition that older women often have to deal with and which can be a major cause of infertility. Diminished ovarian reserve is one of the top reasons why pregnancy rates significantly decline with a woman’s age.

Who Should Undergo Treatment For Low Ovarian Reserve?

Women who are trying to conceive at a latter age should seek treatment for diminished ovarian reserve. Younger women who want to conceive but also have associated problems with their fertility, most especially those suffering from certain diseases and injury or, those who are undergoing certain medical treatment like chemotherapy should also explore available treatments.

What To Expect When Treating Low Ovarian Reserve

Fertility treatments, including In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment, can help increase the probability of a woman with a low ovarian reserve to conceive. However, many women who experience this condition do not respond well to ovarian stimulation. One of the factors that contribute to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success is when the ovarian stimulation protocol is able to influence the ovaries to release multiple, healthy eggs that can be harvested all at once. Poor responders generally experience lower success rates of conceiving.

Below are just some of the things that you can expect when seeking treatment for low ovarian reserve:

  1. Your physician will have you undergo a series of tests, including tests for FSH level and AMH level, and ovarian reserve testing. Your basal FSH and High FSH will also be monitored and compared against a set threshold. If your records fall within the normal range then, you are considered as a good candidate for IVF.
  2. If you are a good candidate for assisted reproduction, you can expect to go through more tests and procedures. Many of these modern procedures have very high success rates.

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