The male partner provides a semen sample that is analyzed with a battery of advanced andrology tests in our fully-equipped laboratory. In addition to the standard semen analysis using Health Organization (WHO) criteria, we also analyze sperm to assess the number of motile sperm that can be extracted from the ejaculate. Male factor problems may be related to:

  • inadequate or abnormal sperm production and delivery
  • anatomical problems,
  • previous testicular injuries, or
  • hormonal imbalances


We encourage male partners to have their semen analyzed at our Laboratory so their samples can be tested against rigorous standards. In addition to the routine analysis of our morphology, motility, and concentration, some of the additional testing we perform on the semen includes:

  • Semen culture to detect infections
  • Pre- and Post-processing to determine what to expect for our IUI or IVF procedures
  • Testing for antisperm antibodies and for IgA, IgM, and IG antibodies
  • Additional diagnostic testing for patients with severe male problems e.g. HOS Test


An abnormal sperm analysis is repeated first for verification. Typically, the male partner is referred to a urologist for evaluation. If the urologic evaluation is normal, results of the sperm count determine further treatment. For example, a total motile sperm in excess of 5 – 10 million would make intrauterine insemination an option. If the total motile sperm count is less than 5 million, ICSI would be a better course of treatment.


Anti-sperm- antibodies are substances that attach to the surface of the sperm and may interfere with the ability of the sperm to move & penetrate the cervical mucus, or to fertilize an egg. They must be ruled out when infertility is either unexplained, following an abnormal post-coital test, or when significant sperm coagulation is noted in the initial semen analysis. If they are detected, sperm washing in conjunction with IUI or IVF is considered. ICSI may also be advised as well.

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