What Is Screening for Genital Infection?

This refers to a group or series of procedures, including swab tests and blood tests, used in screening for genital infections. Evidence based research confirms that male and female infertility can result from the long term presence of genital infections, that includes Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, chlamydial infection, and genital herpes infection.

It is now widely regarded that immune response to these infections can damage the sperm and, in the case of females, create a reproductive environment that is hostile to the developing embryo.

Who Should Undergo Screening for Genital Infection?

To address a couple’s inability to conceive, both the male and female partner should get tested.

Screening includes tests for Chlamydia trachomatis, Candida albicans, Trichomonas vaginalis, and bacterial vaginosis which are the most common genital tract infections affecting women. Cervical cancer screening also routinely checks for the presence of HPV (Human papillomavirus) viruses.

What To Expect

Documented evidence suggests that treating underlying genital infection in both male and female partners improves positive results of pregnancy leading to a healthy delivery.

Below are some of the things you and your partner can expect when undergoing screening for genital infection:

  1. A sample from the female vaginal swab will be collected. A pelvic exam is also a routine procedure. Women will experience some discomfort
  2. Semen from ejaculate will be collected from the male partner.
  3.  A series of lab tests will be performed.
  4.  A follow through consultation will be necessary.

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