What Is Embryo Freezing?

The Embryo Freezing process involves keeping embryos frozen for future use. unlike egg freezing where preservation of unfertilized eggs takes place. Additionally, the embryos stored have already been fertilized inside the lab. However, frozen embryos assure future pregnancies (complying UAE laws and regulations).

What To Expect:

Following egg and sperm retrieval from you and your partner, here is what you can expect when you go in for an embryo freezing procedure:

  1. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed on one or several eggs harvested from the female partner then undergo the freezing process.
  2. Additionally, provides higher chances of a successful pregnancy over the long term. Embryo freezing success rate is higher than Egg Freezing but, there is no guarantee of a successful pregnancy in either procedure.
  3. Assisted reproductive technology allows thawing frozen embryos which is an equally delicate process When the couple is ready to conceive. When properly thawed, frozen embryos are just as viable as fresh embryos in improving the likelihood of a positive pregnancy.
  4. A higher risk of ovarian stimulation syndrome. This is a rare and potentially dangerous condition that can arise when a person is receiving stimulating hormones to increase egg production. Thus you will need protection specially in hyper stimulation that results in releasing too much eggs, so freezing is the solution. also Pre-screening can make sure that future offspring have a lower chance of developing genetic diseases.

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