Hysteroscopy a procedure in which your doctor inserts a camera with light on the end (hysteroscope ) into your vagina. He/she’ll be able to examine your cervix and inside your uterus. If he finds anything abnormal like congenital uterine anomalies, endometrial polyp, intra-cavitary leiomyoma, endometrial hyperplasia or suspected uterine malignancy.

Most common reasons for a hysteroscopy are periods that are longer or heavier than normal, or bleeding between periods.


Hysteroscopy will be done in a hospital setup under general anaesthesia. Your doctor will give you medicine to help you relax. She will also use medication or some instrument called dilators to open your cervix.

Next, he will gently insert the hysteroscope through the cervix in to the uterus then she/he will push a liquid like saline through the Hysteroscope into the uterus it will help to expand it and will give a clear view of its lining and opening the fallopian tubes through hysteroscope.

Based on clinical findings of hysteroscope, your doctor will explain further clinical plan of care.

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