IVF and Genetic Disorders: What You Need to Know

Understanding Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are conditions caused by abnormalities in the DNA, which can affect health and development. Identifying and managing these disorders is crucial for achieving a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Genetic Testing in IVF

Genetic testing in IVF involves analyzing embryos for genetic abnormalities before transfer. Techniques such as preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) can identify potential issues, allowing for the selection of healthy embryos and improving the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Procedures at New Hope IVF Hospital

At New Hope IVF Hospital, we offer comprehensive genetic testing services, including PGT and carrier screening. Our specialists work closely with patients to determine the most appropriate tests and provide support throughout the process.

Success Stories

Success stories from patients who have undergone genetic testing highlight the positive impact of these services. Many couples have successfully identified and managed genetic risks, achieving healthy pregnancies and healthy babies with our support.

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