Mother’s Day Raffle

Mother’s Day Raffle


Start your IVF Procedure on the occasion of Mother’s day and get a Chance for Refund till end of March. Raffle draw will be conducted on the 1st of April at New Hope IVF Hospital. The patients will Receive a lottery ticket after full payment of the procedure, the winner will get a full refund including tests & medication.

Eligibility Of The Participants As Follows:

  • Full Payment Of IVF/ICSI Treatment With Medication & Tests
  • Validity Of The Campaign Till The End Of March
  • Get a Lottery Voucher
  • Place Your Voucher In The Drum & Keep The Header with you
  • Winner Will Get A Full Refund Of The IVF/ICSI with Medication & Tests.
  • The Draw Will Be Conducted At New Hope Hospital on 1st April on 11 AM
  • All Participants are Invited
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What is the Prize?

The Winner of New Hope Raffle will get a full refund of IVF/ICSI procedure including the medication and tests.

How to Participate in the mother's day raffle?

All our patient who pay’s the full payment for IVF/ICSI are eligible for the Raffle

How Many winners?

Only One winner will get a full refund.

When & where the raffle will be conducted?

The raffle will be conducted at New Hope Hospital on the 1st of April.

How the announcement of the winner happens?

The announcement is done by raffle draw that will be conducted on the 1st of April at New Hope Hospital, all the participant are invited. The Raffle Ticket will be selected randomly from the raffle box and the lucky winner will be announced in the event of the Draw on the first of April.

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