Dr. Muhammad Mazin Daye


Dr Daye Muhammad Mazen is a Obstetrician and Gynecologist IVF Specialist, graduated from Saint Petersburg I.P Pavlov State Medical University in Russia, Russian Academy for medical sciences.
Dr Mazin worked as a consultant in Alashtar IVF-Center in Aleppo from 2007-2012, Laparascopy unit in Future Hospital in Aleppo from 2006-2012. He was a consultant in Al Arian Hospital and fertility center and a consultant in obs & gyn and IVF in Aleppo University and a member of the teaching staff.

Since 2013,he is a consultant in obs & gyn and infertility & ART in Philosophy of Life reproduction clinic in Russia.
Dr Daye was a membership in the Syrian medical society, Syrian society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists in 2006, the Russian association of human reproduction & American Society for reproductive medicine (ASRM) , European society for human Reproduction and Embryology. He attended IAN DONALD interuniversity school of medical ultrasound in Egypt, MEFS congress in Syria, Ovarian induction MERCK symposium in Dubai, ESHRE congress in Sweden, SMART conferences soreento in Italy, ESHRE congress in Istanbul and SMART-X & SSIF conference in Budapest.
He is highly skilled classical gynecological surgeries, plastic surgery, stress incontinence surgery, advanced laparascopy and ART & infertility treatments.
Dr Mazin has different publications such as The treatment of cervical pregnancy by uterine arteries embolization in 2003, Embolization of the uterine arteries in cervical pregnancy treatment in 2004 and Uterine arteries embolization as a method of hemorrhage reduction at reconstructive plastic uterine operation in Dayhe M.M Euro-Asian congress in Russia. Yearly attendance in many international conferences related to human reproduction and IVF.

Dr. Mazen performing more than 600 IVF cycles per year.

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